We're the force behind tomorrow's workforce.

We know that finding enough qualified workers is one of your greatest concerns. That's why we're here. We seek to educate, prepare, and excite the next generation of workers—and drive them right to you. After all, a growing and thriving manufacturing industry is critical for Massachusetts.

Through our tools and resources, we bring this exciting field to life. Students can explore opportunities across the Commonwealth and learn what working at a company like yours is like. In fact, if you'd like to participate, you can upload a video to our website. Feel free to send us open house dates for student visitors, and we will post them on our website. Please work with us to get your name out there and attract the skilled employees of tomorrow.

Open your doors. Inspire your next workforce.

The AMP it up! Challenge invites students to research an advanced manufacturing innovation and create a 3-minute video that explains how it’s made and why it matters. It’s a great way to get students excited about advanced manufacturing but we need your support. Click here to learn how you can participate in this year’s Challenge.