Grant Application

AMP it up! ‐ Creating the next generation workforce for Advanced Manufacturing

The AMP it up! campaign seeks to change the perception of manufacturing in Massachusetts and educate middle school through community college age students, young adults, and their advisors that advanced manufacturing is an attractive education/career alternative. Today’s manufacturing is driven by technology and the jobs that fall in the manufacturing realm all present viable career paths. The AMP it up! public awareness campaign is designed to reach out to students; parents and families; career advisors and guidance counselors; and teachers. Each of these audiences is an integral part of the decision‐making process for those considering manufacturing careers. By engaging these groups and conducting community activities and events, the campaign seeks to dispel common misconceptions about today’s manufacturing and bolster the prospective employee base for these quality jobs in Massachusetts.

For the third year, MassDevelopment, the agency sponsoring the AMP it up! campaign, is soliciting applications for grants to eligible organizations described below that will use the grant proceeds for outreach and other innovative programs that will educate students and adults about career options in advanced manufacturing. The third round of grants will build on the successes of the campaign’s first and second years, which saw grant recipients develop programs focused on manufacturing tours for students, teacher externships, 3D printing and CAD “tinkershops,” and educational brochures. Grant applications will be evaluated based upon the uses proposed; the collaborations/partnerships created; the amount, type, and size of outreach proposed; and the time frame in which the proposed activities will take place. Applicants must provide all the information requested below and all applications must be received by November 14, 2014 for consideration by MassDevelopment. Grants awards will be made on or about December 15, 2014.

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